Administrative Law

  • Addressing regulatory complaints and investigations
  • Assistance for Registration or Discipline Hearings
  • Health Professions Appeal and Review Board proceedings
  • Applications for Judical Reviews or Appeals to the Courts from tribunal decisions

Labour Law

  • Grievance assistance and binding arbitrations
  • Union Organizing campaigns and assistance in collective bargaining
  • Litigation before the applicable Labour relations board

Employment Law

  • Civil litigation before the Superior Court of Justice
  • Tribunal hearings pertaining the Human Rights Code or Employment Standards Act
  • Appeals to higher Courts

Limited Scope Retainers

As part of our effort to enable equal access to justice, we provide assistance through cost-effective un-bundled services where our clients assume a larger proportion of involvement in the preparation of their legal case.

Assessment and Opinions

Review of client files, and providing legal opinions to address identified issues, and obtaining client’s instructions on the scope of the retainer.

Tribunal Proceedings

Preparation of responses, letters to opposing party in civil matters; or documents for use in administrative proceedings, including retaining of expert opinions in accordance with the rules of practice of the relevant tribunal. Appearances.

Judicial Proceedings

Preparation of judicial proceedings documents : Applications for Judicial Review, Statements of Claim, Motion records, Notices of Appeal, Facta, Books of authorities, and Records including enforcement proceedings in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, and applicable statutes. Appearances.